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The Middle East and Asian countries have a high need to secure food resources and procure grains and foodstuff for local industries. These same countries need Animal Feed to support their local meat, diary and chicken industry as they are unable to supply feed from within their own country.  AusME Resources is exclusive mandate and agents for some of the worlds biggest suppliers of agricultural products, foodstuff and animal feed.  When you need to source Agricultural Products,  Foodstuff and Animal Feed, you can count on the staff at AusME Resources to supply the best products for your requirements.  We can supply ICUMSA 45 Sugar and other types, Wheat, Soybeans, Corn and other grains;  also Alfalfa / Mixed Hay, Paletized Hay, other Petetized feed for Horses, Dairy Cows, Feed Cows, Chickens; also Maize, Soybean Meal and other animal feeds.

Oil & Petrochemical Products Agency and Distribution

Our depth of experience and trusted relationships with Middle East Oil and Gas suppliers allows AusME Resources, through its Agency agreements, to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of Oil products; such as Crude Oil, D2, JP54, MAZMUT 100, IFO 180, IFO 380, MGO and Diesel; as well as Petrochemicals; such as Naptha, Benzene, Paraxylene and Propylene to name a few;  at very competitive prices.  These products can be delivered in bulk to your port of choice.  AusME Resources is also able to provide access and delivery of high quality, cheap Bunker Fuels for the shipping industry utilising Mass Flow Meters to ensure that the customer is getting what they paid for. 

Mineral Brokerage

With the Middle East dramatically increasing its mineral processing and manufacturing capabilities for the foreseeable future there is a need to provide vast quantities of minerals to this market.   When you need to be able to trust the broker handling your mineral sales, you can count on the staff at AusME Resources to work for your best interest.  Our depth of experience and trusted relationships allow us to broker your mineral purchase or sale in an honest, knowledgeable transaction, all while keeping your financial goals in mind.  AusME Resources is in a unique position to provide the right industry contacts and act as a conduit between buyers, primarily from the Middle East, with sellers of Gold, Silver, iron ore, bauxite, manganese, fertilizers, coal, and other minor bulk minerals primarily within the AustralAsian region.

Logistic Services

Here at AusME Resources no logistic problem is too difficult.  We have been described as visionaries who are able to quickly analyse a problem to determine what is required to be done to achieve the aim, identifying problems along the way to provide timely solutions.  With expertise in mine, rail, port and shipping we are able to develop tailor made integrated mine to mill solutions with improved logistic efficiencies flowing through to your bottom line.

Consultancy Services

AusME Resources is able to provide a complete range of consultancy services for infrastructure projects to the Maritime, Mining and Logistics sectors including major civil works projects.  Our Team of Experts are able to provide a complete range of services from small scale assistance right through to bringing together consortiumes for complete project Concept, Design, Development and Delivery including Financing.  Our aim is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to your company’s problems.  This will be achieved through our team of consultants, who have the experience and depth of knowledge to ensure that your task is completed using the most up to date information, providing solutions that are ‘worlds best practice’ in design and materials.  AusME Resources, through its network, is able to provide complete project development and delivery including EPC (Engineering, Procuring, Construct) projects; BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) projects; and PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects.
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