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AusME Resources through its agency agreements with Middle East suppliers can provide very competitive prices on all fuel types delivered to your port of choice.  We deal especially in Marine Bunker Fuels, MGO and Diesel specialising in the Australasia and Pacific regions but our borders are endless. We are specialists in providing D2 Diesel, Mazmut 100, JP54, Crude Oil, IFO 380, IFO 180, MGO (sulphur less than 1.5%) and Diesel (sulphur less than 0.1%).  Other fuels such as ULP (gasoline) as well as any other specific requirements can also be provided on request at very competitive prices.


Through its Middle East suppliers, AusME Resources is able to source large quantities of Petrochemicals and organise delivery especially Naptha, Benzene, Paraxylene and Propylene and others.  These products can be delivered anywhere in the world.


Australia and its neighbouring countries are known for their rich repository of natural resources, including iron ore, coal, bauxite, manganese, fertilizers, copper, gold and titanium to name a few. AusME Resources is not only able to buy and sell resources on behalf of the client but also able to provide the best mine gate to end customer logistic solutions for both buyers and sellers.


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Agricultural Products / Food Stuff / Animal Feed

AusME Resources through its mandate/agency agreements is able to supply some of the best produced Agricultural, Foodstuff and Animal Feed products at very competitive prices.  We can supply ICUMSA 45 Sugar as well as other sugars types; Wheat (most varieties), Soybeans, Corn, Flour (all types for white and brown bread products);  and other grains.  We are also able to provide most Animal Feed products to support all your livestock including horses, camels, dairy cows, feed cows, chickens, goats etc.  We supply  Alfalfa / Mixed Hay, Paletized Hay, other Petetized feed, Maize, Soybean Meal and other animal feeds.