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AusME Resources serves as an Agent, Distributor and International Broker of commodities namely, Oil products, Petrochemicals, Precious Metals and Minerals.  The main products traded are Precious Metals; Gold and Silver; Minerals such as iron ore, bauxite, alumina, copper, copper cathodes 99.9%, manganese and phosphate; crude oil; Domestic Fuels such as ULP, Jet Fuel and Diesel (MGO); Bunker Fuels such as IFO 180 and IFO 380; Petrochemicals such as paraxylene, benzene and polypropylene; Food Stuffs such as wheat, sugar, soybean, rice, corn, wheat flour; and Animal Feed such as Alfalfa, Mixed Hay, Peletized Hay, Maize, Soybean meal etc. The Oil, Petrochemical products and precious metals are sourced from the Middle East and sold into the Australasian region whilst the minerals, fertiliser, Food Stuffs and Animal Feed are sourced from the Australasia/Americas and other regions and sold primarily to the Middle East, Asia and East Africa.    We aim to have a wide market network, covering developed and developing markets; providing innovative logistics solutions to an ever changing industry whilst staying ahead of local and international regulations and standards.   This will be accomplished through ensuring compliance with Standards and providing the highest Quality of Service to achieve our mission whilst striving to be a valued contributor to the broader community. AusME Resources will maintain customer satisfaction by providing them with the best possible solutions by undertaking a process of continuous innovation and looking holistically at integrated logistic solutions allowing AusME Resources to grow into a creative supplier, service provider and broker for not only our customers but the producers of the raw materials.
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